CRM Plug-in Registration Tool

So I spent most of the weekend working on my TechEd Session. The Plug-in registration tool included as part of the SDK killed me with the XML file and I not getting along. Shawn and Melissa for support called me about some survey partners with CRM and I managed to rope them into helping me.  And Melissa pointed me to a new Registration tool on the MSDN Code Gallery, which is AWESOME. 

In about 30 seconds I was able to accomplish more than I was in 4 hours of playing with the XML files. :-)

Here is the description from that website:

Are you facing problems in registering plug-ins? Are you wondering if you could get a tool to generate the Xml and deploy plug-ins via Import / Export just like the way customizations are deployed? Are you confused with the various tools that shipped with SDK and how to use the registration API? If the answer is yes, then it is worth downloading the released project.


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