Event: Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Genesys - Upcoming Health Care Webinar - May 16th

Industry trend: technology and shifting customer expectations are changing the way healthcare consumer service centers operate

Technology and changing consumer expectations are transitioning the way healthcare service providers such as managed care organizations, hospitals, healthcare insurance companies and some hybrid organizations are operating on a day-to-day basis. In this Webinar join experts from Forrester, Microsoft® and Genesys to learn about technologies and methods that can improve operational efficiency and enable the adaptation of customer service approaches while maintaining cost management processes and achieving target margins. Additionally, you will find out about new tools and techniques that are readily available to help you get ahead of the game, improve agent productivity, implement an effective multi-channel customer service strategy and ”ultimately” build profitable and loyal relationships.Analyst Brad Holmes from Forrester Research will discuss how health plan providers can easily apply technology to increase the loyalty of individual consumers. New technologies are available to help hospitals and healthcare insurance providers improve operational efficiencies and boost customer service. Brad will discuss strategies and simplifying technologies that are enabling health plans to:

  • Improve agent productivity and capacity for more complex service interactions
  • Get more out of existing customer service investments by integrating numerous channel alternatives into a trusted advisor platform
  • Proactively manage channel experience, efficiency, consistency and redirection not just call center effectiveness and efficiency
  • Maximize core concepts of integration, effectiveness and flexibility
  • Improve patient-facing operations and enhance patient service

In addition, Dennis Schmuland from Microsoft Corporation and Joseph Heinan of Genesys will talk about how this evolution of technology-based, consumer-centered models has healthcare service providers including managed care organizations, hospitals, healthcare coverage companies and some hybrid organizations, looking for new tools and techniques:


  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Enable the adaptation of customer service approaches
  • Maintain cost management processes
  • Achieve target margins.




Event Details Title: Transformation Trends for Consumer Services in Healthcare Today Speakers: Bradford J. Holmes Vice President, Research Director Forrester Dennis Schmuland, MD FAAFP Director, U.S. Healthcare & Life Sciences Health Plan Industry Management Microsoft Corporation

Joseph Heinen Vice President Marketing Genesys Date: Tuesday, May 16, 2006 Time: 11:00 AM Pacific 2:00 PM Eastern Duration: 1 Hour Register