Experiment Over – Time to go Mainstream…

One of my biggest surprises when coming to Microsoft from a partner was the amount of experimentation that Microsoft does. I have seen roles carved out for people based upon their skills sets that I NEVER would have guessed that they would have EVER done.

When I started, I was a Technology Specialist for EVERY product in the Dynamics family. Which was WAY too much ground for anybody to cover and cover well. Well, my boss heard me loud and clear, so last year I became an experiment.

So we ended up in the Mid Atlantic as the #1 in Revenue and #2 in Revenue to Quota. (One other area beat me there… But my number was bigger. J) So the experiment was a success.

As a result, we have moved things around a bit and hired two additional folks to cover the East Region. In talking to my manager, we ended the experiment and I am now going mainstream as a team of four Technology Specialists for the East Region. The cool thing to me is that I will still be covering the same area with two more states tacked on the bottom.

So in short a few things changed, but the net result is that you, our partners now have double the resources in the East Region SMS&P organization to help out with you closing CRM deals. Here is the new map of the East Region TS organization. Happy selling!!!!