Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Office OneNote 2007

Daniel has a great way to get data from CRM to OneNote. The MSDN article is awesome.  Enjoy!

In today’s business world, collecting customer information is essential to building customer relationships and a sales pipeline. Through advances in customer relationship management (CRM) systems, organizations are better able to track sales opportunities and capture customer information.

You can use additional tools like Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 in conjunction with a CRM system to capture rich notes about customers.

When a sales representative takes notes during a customer visit using OneNote 2007, these notes can contain images, audio recordings, embedded files, and other rich information.

Integrating a CRM system and OneNote 2007 with CRM2OneNote provides sales representatives with a streamlined process for capturing, storing, and finding relevant customer notes.

Daniel Escapa's OneNote Blog : Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Office OneNote 2007