Fun with JScript: Auto Saving Forms in Microsoft CRM

If you have ever used PartnerSource, you know you can look at your organizations tickets that they opened. When I worked at a partner, I used to troll them so I could see what the rest of my team was learning. <BG> Now I can troll only tickets opened up by internal employees. (Which I do about once a month.)

You get to learn some interesting tricks and tips from some folks who seem more CRM systems in a day than you will in a month or three. (For those of you who didn't stop by the Tech Support room at Convergence, you missed some of the best folks on the planet.)

Now for the point.... When you compose an email, you have to save it before you can add any attachments. That extra one click just isn't something some clients can live with.

So Kristen's solution was to add to the OnChange event of the last required field the following:


That will automatically save the form, not requiring the user to click the save button.

Of if you want the form to save and close automatically you could use:


Thanks Kristen.... That is one slick little trick... :-)