Gartner Report on Microsoft CRM 3.0

Gartner just published a report called “Status Report of Microsoft CRM 3.0”, which they published on the 17th of August.

I love the bottom line:

“Expect Microsoft CRM to be the fastest-growing CRM product in 2006 and 2007. This growth is due to Microsoft's tight integration with Outlook, a focus by its sales force in more countries and languages than its competitors, and its delivery of a basic, pragmatic solution. Users should be careful not to overextend the use of Outlook as a portal, diligently check the claims of hosting partners, be careful of how far Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 scales beyond 500 users, be aware of the costs incurred by its requirement to have a separate server per language and recognize the costs of third-party software to support wireless users that want offline access on non-Windows Mobile devices.”

The report was published by Gartner. Microsoft has secured all copyright and publishing privileges with Gartner to include the report for customers and partners. This and all reports located here were researched and funded by the analyst firms themselves.