Having Problems with the August VPC?

About once a day I am getting questions from partners about the August 2007 Image with partners reporting that they are getting requests to log into the application from time to time.

So like when you go into settings, customizations or right about that critical part of a demo, you get a log in request screen. Repeatedly.

This happened to me several times in the pre-production sample, but we were never able to narrow the source. After getting complaints from partners, more in-depth research was conducted. I am still not sure what causes the problem, but this solution appears to fix it. :-) Please let me know if this works for you or not.

  • Open the IIS Manager. Right Click on Microsoft CRM 3.0 and select Properties.
  • Click on Advanced
  • Click on Default
  • Click on Edit
  • Remove the words crm from the Host Header Value
  • Click OK
  • Close out of the IIS Manager
  • Replace crm with ds-srv-01 where ever http://crm is found.
  • It should find three or so values.

Editing your registry entries could result in permanently disabling your operating system. Before editing the registry you should first backup the registry files.

  • Keep Using the Find Next in the Edit Menu until the following message pops up
  • Run the IISReset command from Start | Run
  • I now change the Properties of the Desktop Icon to point to ds-svr-01 instead of CRM.

Use this at your own risk. I am still not sure why this happened or why it only happens on some machines, but this is the fastest way I have found to correct it. Once I made this change, I quit being prompted for credentials all the time.

Happy Selling!