"Hey Chris! Where can I get that Virtual Machine Toolkit thingie?"

So...with the drop of the new and vastly improved CRM VPC image imminent, many partners are asking me where to get the base image and VM Express tool they'll need to access and download the aforementioned image.  Which brings us to this post...


1. Log onto PartnerSource

2. Go to Ordering HomeVPC Toolkit

3. Click on “Place an Order” box

4. Scroll down to “Sales and Marketing Collateral” and click the link

5. Expand “For North American Order” on the left of the screen

6. Expand “Media”

7. Select “Other Media”

8. Select the first item – “Dynamics Virtual Machine Demo Toolkit”

9. Enter the quantity in the box and click “Add to Cart”

10. Select “Purchase” and follow instructions for payment and shipping method.

Or you can try this link to see if you get all the way to step 8 in a single bound:



And as soon as I know where to download the VM Express file containing the updated image, I will post it here.  You can bet it'll be somewhere on PartnerSource...so stay tuned!