I have moved on…

imageIt has been 3 and a half years since I started blogging here on MSDN. It has been a fun ride, and one that I will never forget. This blog went from last place to the Top 100 of all blogs on MSDN. (Second only to the CRM Team’s blog.) I did however, make some major mistakes early on. Key amongst them are the URL for the blog. In July of 2008, I changed jobs, got an AWESOME new manager and job. (As well as a new house, etc…) With that being said, I screwed up the branding early on. :) And now seems like an awesome time to fix that.

So I have changed blog providers. Instead of being here on MSDN, I have moved to www.businessnone.com for the blog.  http://feeds.feedburner.com/BusinessNone is the new address for the RSS feed. Please update your RSS readers and Favorites.

Chris Kahl who assumed my old role in the Mid Atlantic Area has graciously agreed to continue to maintain this blog. Please feel free to stop by and harass him.

So for those of you still asking questions, yes I am still employed by Microsoft and no I am not doing this right before I leave. (At least that I know of…) The website name Business None came from a friend of mine. When I was working at my last company before Microsoft, we sublet some office space from a development / infrastructure shop in Columbia, MD. They picked up SAP’s BusinessOne about 3 months into my renting an office. The consulting staff hated BusinessOne. They started calling it BusinessNone. And I saw the domain was available and grabbed it. It has been hosting graphics for this blog since it’s inception.

Look forward to seeing you on www.businessnone.com and please excuse the mess as I migrate stuff over there.