ISV Support for Microsoft CRM 3: Group1 Data Quality Adapter

First Off, this is an ISV you should propose with EVERY CRM Deal you sell. Period. No Exceptions, no excuses. Quote this with EVERY Deal. This is much more than just duplicate detection.


Incorrect or duplicate address records can bring even the most well crafted CRM initiative to a grinding, ineffective halt. Just think of your own experience as a customer: If an important package never reaches you, or you get multiple copies of an offer with slightly different names and addresses, you’re suffering from Bad Data Quality.


Group 1 Software is a company that understands this dilemma. They’ve got over two decades of experience in providing effective data quality solutions for thousands of corporations worldwide, and recently brought out a solution for Microsoft CRM.


Their new Data Quality Adapter plugs right into the CRM 3.0 interface. Users can then validate, correct, standardize and auto-populate missing address information, plus detect and manage duplicate records – both in batch and in real time. 


A modest one-time account activation fee and annual seat license under $100 gets you the same functionality that sells for 6-figures or more in the enterprise database world.


Check out a demo here. Group 1 is actively recruiting partners to resell this software/service; contact to learn more.

Settings Screen

Doing a Manual Merge of Contacts.