ISV Support for Microsoft CRM 3: TenDigits - Blackberry Solution for Microsoft CRM

So as many of you know, I think Mobile CRM is going to be huge over the next year or two. A month or two ago, I wrote about some ways to access Microsoft CRM from Mobile Devices including Pocket PC, Palm and Blackberry.

So the BlackBerry is still the one I get weekly requests on how to connect between Microsoft CRM and the BlackBerry. One of our partners out of Canada (Eh!) has created a solutions that allows you to sync* a ton of data between Microsoft CRM and the Blackberry.


“If I had known that MobileAccess would deliver me the productivity that it has, I would have gladly paid twice as much for it.”

Travis Warren, President and Co-Founder

WhippleHill Communications

TenDigits Case Study, October 2005




The workhorse of Mobile CRM, MobileAccess is a BlackBerry smart client that extends the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform to deliver real-time account access for mobile sales, service and management teams. Designed for front-line users, MobileAccess delivers a rich user experience that capitalizes on the best user interface metaphors of both the BlackBerry handheld and the Outlook-like navigation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Able to run in both offline and connected environments, MobileAccess delivers instant access to leads, opportunities, contacts, activities and service cases anywhere –- on the road, between meetings, even on airplanes.

TenDigits delivers MobileAccess through the Microsoft Partner Channel. During installation, MobileAccess automatically inherits many of the customizations that have been previously published to the core CRM deployment – allowing partners to focus on delivering value through the core CRM and business process automation rather than developing custom wireless solutions.

For more information on TenDigits and the MobileAccess for Microsoft CRM application, they are available at: Or you can see them at Convergence in Booth 731.

* MobileAccess is more than just continual synching. MobileAccess is a rich smart client for the BlackBerry that, when connected, allows you to interact in real-time with Microsoft Dynamics CRM... :-)