Microsoft CRM Hosted for Microsoft Partners

This is a pretty cool way to be able to use CRM very quickly and easily. PartnerPoint has designed a copy of CRM especially for Microsoft Partners and makes it available for a very reasonable amount. If you needs are bigger, I would recommend a dedicated solution, but if you only have a few staff members or just want to play a little, this is a great service. I am going to get a copy to do my demo’s from. J

PartnerPoint, an online community of Microsoft Partners, is now providing its members with a shared hosted version of Microsoft CRM 3.0 Professional.

The goal is to provide partners with an easy and cost effective way to begin to user Microsoft CRM either to manage their sales and customer service efforts internally, or to learn more about CRM so that they can assist their customers with their CRM needs.


Cost is only $55/month/user with as little as one user, and there is a Free 30 day trial period.

You can read more about it here.