Microsoft CRM Web Event - Transforming Information into Business Intelligence

This event is being put on by Destination CRM and is sponsored by Microsoft. Would be a cool thing to have your customers, prospects or even you as a partner sit through... :-) 

Business managers from the executive floor to the retail shop floor seek insight to spot unfilled customer needs, uncover sales, marketing and customer service opportunities, and understand both local market conditions and broad economic trends. In this webcast you will hear how Calence, LLC, one of the largest network solutions providers in the U.S., leverages Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM to gain the insight that drives competitive advantage.
With a diverse customer base (serving the enterprise, commercial, education and public sector markets) and an aggressive growth plan, Calence found that it needed to overcome some challenges enterprises commonly face when trying to effectively access and use raw data to improve performance:

  • Extracting actionable information can be difficult, slow and costly
  • The right presentation format may depend on the manager’s role
  • Certain business intelligence is most useful when received in real time
  • Business intelligence would be most powerful if it could help predict outcomes or suggest courses of action.

Calence recently selected Microsoft CRM and Avanade’s Performance Management solution to transform their raw CRM data into actionable intelligence. Calence now uses reporting across its Sales, Marketing and Service organizations and enables end users to become more self-sufficient in creating detailed reports, analyzing data and acting on new customer insights.

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