Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 RTM VPC Now Available

I swear I have fielded about a dozen questions about this in email in the past couple of days. :-) Well, the good news that the VPC is now available. This VPC is set to expire in April 2009.

The partner tat built this also worked on some Demo Tools. Here is a quick list of the tools... I will post more in a day or two...

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Demonstration Tools

These tools provide a simple user interface that allows you to easily enter, edit and re-use data to populate or modify your instance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The tools download includes utilities to:

· Generate Data

· Change the Dates and/or Times for Data

· Create Dependent Picklists

· Generate E-Mail

· Set Icons for Entities

· Change the CRM Navigation Pane

· Replace Strings in CRM

Virtual Machine

Demonstration Tools

Sample Data