Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0: SDK Examples

Sean and Melissa are on the team that are developing some content for a V4 based SDK course.  Do you have any interesting ideas that may be able to leverage our SDK that we could develop for use during our training.  We aren’t asking for any pre-developed code but more for the concepts.

I have a list I submitted to them. Do you have anything you would like seen covered? My wish list included:

  1. Workflow using SDK to kick out a MOSS Team or Document site when an opportunity gets to a specific sales stage.
  2. Integration to external web services. So some mapping to Live Maps, Flickr, RSS feeds, etc..
  3. Consumption of CRM by CRM. So updating a contact address from the account entity. (or the like)
  4. Integration of CRM via SDK to InfoPath.
  5. A Proposal Manager – Mail Merge on Steroids. J
  6. Workflow, Workflow, Workflow…. I like Workflow…

Please leave a comment here and Sean and Melissa will be checking to see what wild ideas y'all have. :-)