Migration from Salesforce.com to Microsoft CRM 3 - Source Code Download

A common issue facing many integrators and developers is that of migrating data from another CRM to Microsoft CRM. Although Microsoft's data migration tools and commercial applications are available for this purpose, there are situations that may call for a custom solution.

As one example, Salesforce.com provides a rich set of web services to create, retrieve, update and delete data (CRUD). The provided sample application contains several simple examples that use an ADO.NET Managed Provider for Salesforce. This is essentially an assembly that is a wrapper around the Salesforce web services. It provides a .Net developer with the ability to uses familiar tools such as the data adapter and data reader. It demonstrates how relatively easy it is to migrate data from Salesforce.

A valid Salesforce login is required to test the example application.

The ADO.NET Managed Provider is open source. This and other tools are available from http://sforce.sourceforge.net/ 
You can download from: http://gotdotnet.com/codegallery/releases/viewuploads.aspx?id=b6499eb0-0eae-4597-b38e-ee9cbc71a404

This source code example was provided on the GotDotNet site, which is an awesome share source area. You will see postings there from Microsoft Employees, Partners and Customers.

While I would still say you should buy or rent Scribe, this is an alternative if you are all about the code writing... :-)