More on Dashboards in Microsoft CRM 3

So, as you probably have seen, there has been no new Diff Disk from me with the new RTM code on it. It turns out that there is an internal team working on a new version of the disk and I am hopefully going to be doing some work on it around dashboards and some of the simple JScripts that I posted. :-) So with that in mind, we can probably scrap the Diff Disk for now and wait until the other version comes out. I will probably be posting a bunch of data in XML format, so you can have it available for demos as that doesn't take up too much of my bandwidth. :-)

But I still get a bunch of emails asking how to build Dashboards. I am embarassed to say how easy it actually is. But, John Straumann a PTS in Canada, has taken some of the work I have done and expanded on it and made a Hands On Lab. The HOL contains step by step directions on how to create a dashboard and using the SiteMap, use it in Microsoft CRM Natively. :) You can get John's HOL here. You can read more about John @ (Which is still under construction.)

In addition, the product team has produced a nice little one pager that has alot of the same steps in it for you to use as well. If you don't like John's pretty pictures, then this is the best Step by Step I have seen. :-)

And thanks to Will, it also helps to disable the Windows Advanced Internet Explorer Security in 2003 if you are doing this for demo purposes... :-)