Moves, Adds and Changes to some CRM Blogs

In the past couple of months, I have gotten pings from several partners as well as employees who have relocated their blogs or started blogging. (And for those of you asking, mine will be moving to in the next couple of months as Chris takes more ownership of the blog and my silly stuff gets pushed in both locations for a while.The content that is there is not real btw... it is for another project I have been playing with.)

Stephen Noe:

Stephen Noe one of my partners from NC just started blogging. Some good reads here. :-) 


Rich Oyler:

And Rich a Partner that Susan and I got the privilege of meeting at our Atlanta Partner Readiness Tour from Saratoga Technologies in TN also started blogging. You can read his blog at: 


Menno te Koppele

And of Course, Menno moved. Here is the link to his new blog location.