New CRM How-To Articles Published

Renee announced to the team that a number of articles have been published recently. I just went over and checked them out... Very slick. You should read these and the team the works on them does read the feedback from users and partners. Here is a partial list...

New Diagrams (Marketing and Service)

A case from call to closure – An at-a-glance diagram of how you can take a simple case from the initial customer contact through its resolution.

What’s the difference between campaigns and quick campaigns? -- With similar names, it’s sometimes difficult to understand the difference between campaigns and quick campaigns. This article highlights the key differences between these two ways of communicating with potential customers.

Follow a campaign response through the marketing process -- What can you do with a campaign response? This article describes how you can convert campaign responses to various record types and use them to grow your business.

Follow a lead from creation through closure -- How do you use leads to track potential sales? This article describes how you can convert leads to new records, such as opportunities, and then how to close the opportunity.

Configuration, Customization, and Deployment

Design considerations for business units -- Use business units to design an organizational structure that enforces security within Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0.

11 things to know about customization -- Learn the core customization features that you can use with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0. Includes tips to take full advantage of the features and avoid common mistakes.

Failover is not supported in a Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services cluster environment -- Read this before you install Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server by using a clustered Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services environment.

Command-line parameters to specify for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM-Exchange E-mail Router -- Specify the Microsoft Dynamics CRM-Exchange E-mail Router incoming and outgoing e-mail server for a command-line installation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server.

Sales and Service

Send birthday greetings to your customers - Create a list of birthdays of your contacts and wish them happy birthday in e-mail messages.

Work while you wait: Create a printable report of phone calls - Create a printable list of phone call activities to make while you are away from your computer.

They actually wrote parts of the birthday one based upon some code that I started and Kevin Bowling improved.  Great work team and keep publishing awesome content for us.