New VPC almost here...

Menno is reporting on his blog that the image is almost here. Michael is dropping it off with the legal team to be time bombed and then off to the folks for prepping for download. :-) The good news is that the process is almost done.  (48 hours for time bomb, 7 days for So ALMOST is a little bit of a stretch...)

One of the things we did differently this time around was remove all of the "stuff" we had during the last image. Feedback from partners was that 1/2 of you loved the extra bells and whistles and 1/2 of you removed them... :-)

So as soon as the image is time bombed and ready, I am sure the VPC team will get started on building some diff disks that put back in the cool tools. (I know we will actually...)

What diff disks do you see as valuable? Functionality? Verticals?