Offering Microsoft CRM Hosted to your customers

So one of the biggest advantages Microsoft CRM has is the ability to be able to be on-premise or hosted. (See Charlie Wood’s great article he has on the SaaS vs on premise with Microsoft CRM.) The on-premise product has been available for some time, so we aren’t going to focus on them right now. For the hosted, most of the partners I talk to still aren’t sure how to approach the opportunity. What I mean by that, is hosted another competitor that they have to worry about? The quick answer is no. Nor does it mean that you have to go out, become a data center and host Microsoft CRM yourself. (Which you can do.)

One of our hosting partners has seen the value in hosting Microsoft CRM, but does not nor will become a Microsoft CRM consulting company. This gives you the ability to be able to do some consulting around Microsoft CRM and not care if the software is installed locally or available as Software as a Service. (SaaS) They also pay a decent referral commission that gives you a monthly recurring revenue that overtime will overtake the CSA fees we pay to you for on premise software.

If you are interested, contact Lance at They are also interested in hearing from our ISV partners that would like to offer their product in a Software as a Service model.

Lance actually also publishes a nice demo site where you can play with Microsoft CRM and OPENLY publishes his price list for CRM. Contact him today to see how you can partner to offer Microsoft CRM hosted to your clients and prospects.

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