OT: Way Cool.... I got to a GT350-H for the day

I am in Tampa doing some partner and customer meetings. While walking to my Avis Econobox, I passed this little number... Walked right back to the Avis counter and threw the keys back at them and walked to the Hertz counter... 10 Minutes later....

I hate to say it, but I just spent $150 to rent a car for the day... And dang is it a BLAST.... If you live in a place or are visiting a place where you can rent one, do it... Even with the traction control, it is a BLAST. (The rears will break a little lose, but no full out drifting...)

Just be aware that you need to add about 30 minutes due to the walk around that they will do with you right there... The engine has a seal attached to it so you don't go swapping it out, etc... They even inventory the emblems.... Seriously fast though and a TON of fun to drive... :-)

I may need to setup a PayPal account for the money it is going to cost me to get out of jail. :-)