Pricing and Configuration for Microsoft CRM - aka How do I get a price to sell this stuff?

This is an awesome tool…. Well worth the read I promise. <BG>

I manage to get a couple of emails a week from partners looking for Microsoft CRM pricing. And of course it is never easy to look at the spreadsheet price sheet and determine exactly the right pricing and exactly the right pricing program.

Don’t you wish somebody built a great little configuration engine that could tell you which licensing program worked best for your situation, what the estimated retail pricing is for the product and any other products you may need to support the project. (i.e., SQL Server licenses.)

Well somebody did and our ever resourceful Licensing Specialist, Carolyn Yehle, showed this to a group of partners and I about fell out of my chair.

This is awesome. Visit to see this little piece of Nirvana. To use it visit: to create an account, for training on how to use the configuration engine (As well as a bunch of other training sessions about licensing.)

Happy Selling!