Scribe Advance Training Class

I am very tardy in publishing this. :) Last month I was invited by the fine folks over at Scribe Software to attend their Level 2 Scribe Insight Training program. I have been using Scribe since dirt was formed, but since joining Microsoft 4 years have not used to it for anything other than demo’s and the occasional piece of troubleshooting I get ramped into.

All I can say, is WOW. Scribe has made some HUGE improvements in the software in the past 4 years. If you haven’t looked at Scribe in a while, I would urge you to do so again. If you do use Scribe, this class is for you. It is all of the stuff not in the manual and a TON of tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Scribe.

The class is being offered all across the US, so I would sign up for it if you are interested. They keep them pretty small. Below the photo of the day is a brief description of the class. The next two coming up are at the end of the month in New York City and Boston.


(J.R.- Interdyn-CFO Consulting /Mark & Ben – IBIS / Glenn- LBMC /Guillermo – eParnters)

This course is designed for technical consultants who implement integrations using Scribe Insight. Through instructor lead discussion and hands-on labs, the students will learn the best practices for building one-way and two-way integrations. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is used as the use-case for hands-on labs and some course materials will center around specific integration methodologies with Dynamics CRM. Students completing this course will have a thorough understanding of the integration design patterns and features Scribe uses when building its own integration templates with Scribe Insight. This is a full two day course.

The course is designed for students that have completed Scribe’s certification training and familiarity with the Scribe Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics is highly recommended. Prior field experience implementing integrations with Scribe Insight will be helpful in understanding the concepts in this course.