So the CRM Titan NDA is lifted? Yes and No...

As you have probably seen from the other blogs out there, the NDA for partners in the Early Adopters Program has been lifted. Sorta... Some of the restrictions are being lifted  in order to effectively continue to build the interest, demand and your opportunities in the market for Titan.  However you should be aware of the following restrictions and items still left out there... :-)

1. Dynamics CRM partners can now discuss and demo the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 release to customers in a 1:1 environment without an NDA.  There are still restrictions in place around production usage as well as holding partner-led 4.0 launch events for multiple customers/prospects.  See below for details. 

2. NDA restrictions are still in place for customers and partners participating in the CRM Live Early Access program until December 1, 2007.

3. Upgradeability Notice: The current 4.0 beta version (CTP3), and any of your associated configuration and customizations, will NOT upgrade to the 4.0 RTM release.  This notice only applies to the current CTP3 release.

Here is a handy chart to help make this a little easier for the On Premise Product...

Partner Activities

October 1st - RTM

Ready for Demos


Ready for Marketing

Customer Demos (1:1) and Feature Disclosure Yes Yes
Partner-Led Titan Customer Launch Events (1:Many) No Yes
Deployment Planning & Prototyping* Yes


Production Pilots

No Yes
Production Deployments No