Some of the new toys I have been playing with...

This post is NOT CRM related at all. Sorry. But here are some cool tools I have been playing with recently that I recommend you check out. :-)

  1. Windows Live Search Mobile. This app is WAY cool. Saves my bacon at least once a day. I wish it also did regular web searches, but the types of searches it does do, it rocks at. You can download it right to your phone from the web, which was cool as I rarely tether my phone to my PC. :-)  is the URL for it.
  2. As anybody who calls me can tell you, I HATE Voicemail. With a passion. I have been forwarding my cell phone voicemail to CallWave and they email it to me in the form of a WAV file AND I have a slick Vista Gadget that allows you to see all of the missed calls and listen to and delete voicemail right from the Sidebar.
  3. Gadgets. I have been using them in demo's for a couple of weeks. WAY cool. If you want the basics of writing Gadgets, check out

Back to our regular CRM stuff now. :-)