Start thinking about events!!!

So in the past couple of weeks, I have been to several events with local partners. IF YOU AREN'T DOING EVENTS, YOU SHOULD START NOW!!!! We will start in order they happened from oldest to most recent...

Intelligix had an AWESOME event at the opening game for the Maryland Terp's Basketball. Event was awesome. It was sponsored by Cisco and Microsoft around VOIP and Telephony. Intelligix has done a bunch of work here around the Cisco VOIP Solution and Microsoft CRM 3.0. Dan Blake and his team put on a great event!!!

Invoke Systems in Baltimore along with e.magination in Baltimore had a lunch event at the Rusty Scupper. Great Location, and the room was PACKED!!!! It was the day after a snow storm, so we had a few drop off, but so many people showed up that some of the Microsoft team and Invoke team had to be relegated to a table in the main dining room. It was a great demo of CRM 3.0, complete with showing some SharePoint integration and some other way cool goodies. Jim Stout and Paul Rietmeyer did a great job on the demo and I look forward to eating lunch with them again. :-)

Compass Technology in Virginia Beach was the one for last week. What an event. The room was packed, it was a breakfast event and from what I saw the custom made omlets looked AWESOME. (Ok... I didn't get a chance to eat one, but from where i stood they looked awesome.) Compass did an awesome job with the attendance and an astounding number of folks showed up. When I worked as a partner, it wasn't uncommon to get a 50% drop off rate. Compass had less than 10% drop off. Hat's off to Mike Trainor and his whole team. I also got a chance to look at their solution for Fund Raising Organizations for CRM. What a slick piece. So if you are looking at a fund raising solution, they have tailored Microsoft CRM to any type of fund raising organization.

So where is this all going you may ask? Easy, three events in about three weeks. ALL of them packed, all of them dying to see Microsoft CRM 3.0. Two of them are in our smaller metro areas and did AWESOME.* So start thinking NOW of some event you want to have. Our Second Half is coming up and with it some additional Event Credits will be available. In addition, Chris Regan has some marketing funds he would like to spend in Mid Atlantic. Hit Chris and I up with your best idea and we may fund some of it. :-)**

The Microsoft CRM launch is going to be HUGE and we need you to start thinking NOW about how you are going to leverage some events after the launch. How about some of those ideas folks?


*(Ok... Sorry for the dig for anybody who lives outside of DC Metro... Wait isn't Baltimore a DC suburb?) Ok I am just digging my self in deeper and will stop now... :-)

** So at this point I am about like my wife... She offers to spend my money and her money... :-)