Taking some time off...

So as many of you know, we had a son last year. He is now 10 months old. One of the coolest benefits that Microsoft offers is Infant Care Leave, which is for both fathers and mothers. The catch? You have a year to use it. And it is a full month off. So, given that we will be having a launch soon and all of the fun associated with that, now looks like the best time to check out for a little while.

may-june 07 064

So for the month of September, we have arranged from a back up or two for you to utilize. When you send me an email, please read the out of office email and feel free to harass those who volunteered (drafted) to cover for me. :-)

july 07 062 

But, as you can see, my wife and two awesome sons are going to do a bunch of fun stuff. We will be hanging out my parents in NY for a couple of weeks, headed to IASCA finals at Nopi Nationals and then on the beach for a week. See you in October!!!