Ten Digits MobileAccess for Dynamics CRM

Ten Digits and Microsoft announced an alliance right before the Worldwide Partner Conference to provide CRM Mobile clients for both Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices.  Full press release below:


Here's the link to the Ten Digits site:


MobileAccess® for Dynamics CRM

MobileAccess® for Dynamics CRM is the company's latest product line that consists of the MobileAccess Client for BlackBerry and MobileAccess Server for Dynamics CRM. These products enable organizations that have deployed Microsoft Dynamics CRM to increase the productivity of their mobile users by allowing them to use CRM online or offline.

MobileAccess includes numerous technical and product features with patented technology deployed today in many global enterprises. These features can be summarized by the following unique attributes:

  • Proven User Experience.   MobileAccess is designed exclusively for wireless users with hundreds of successful deployments worldwide. 
  • Always-Available Wireless CRM.   Work anywhere withinstant access to your data online and offline with full CRM functionality regardless of your location. 
  • Multi-tasking, Graphical User Interface. Navigate instantly between various records, lists, tasks and applications without losing track of a thing. 
  • Tight Application Integration.   Dial phone numbers, browse websites and compose emails directly from fields.  Log emails and phone calls from your BlackBerry to account and contact history in CRM.  Use Microsoft MapPoint, MSN/LIVE, and Yahoo! web services to find timely information relevant to your CRM records.
  • Secure and Reliable.   Unlike other solutions, our smart-client technology guarantees data delivery and complete transaction integrity. 
  • Rapid, Low-cost Implementation.   Automatically inherits your unique CRM customizations – no programming required – speeding deployment time and control cost.