To VPC or not to VPC, that is the question

With apologies to the Bard, many of our partners have been using Virtual PC images to show CRM 4.0 to prospective customers – often with mixed success.  Trying to run a couple servers on a typical laptop is usually not a very good representation of how the product works in the real world.  hamlet

In addition, comprehensive VPC images can be somewhat fragile and temperamental, with the slightest change to the underlying virtual disk rendering the VPC image corrupted and useless – usually right before the demo is scheduled to start.  But VPC’s also provide a great deal of flexibility in creating customized implementation environments to help a prospect see how CRM might fit into their existing IT infrastructure.

While there may still be compelling reasons to use CRM VPC images like this one, many of our partners have already discovered the joys of cloud computing for demonstrating CRM.  In fact, Microsoft partners can sign up here to get a demonstration environment of their very own.  Since we’re All In it’s a perfect time to start demoing from the cloud and showing the Power of Productivity.