VPC Workshop - Reston and Atlanta

This past week there was a VPC workshop for partners in Atlanta and next week there is one in Reston. The one in Atlanta was done by Susan Sauls (who I need to get an intro blog post up on....) and Todd Baana. (Todd is the first guy in the green shirt in the second picture...)

It was a great mix of partners in Atlanta at our Alpharetta office. If you ever wonder what my ugly backside (and front side...) looks like, i am the one with the coke can... (I was out in Seattle the previous week for LONG training days, back home and back to Atlanta with in the weekend, so I look like I got punched out...) Susan is up front teaching part of the class. We covered some VPC tips and tricks as well how to quickly customize Microsoft CRM for demos.

If you are local to Reston, I reccommend you register ASAP so the space is reserved for you. :-) http://msreadiness.com/IL_abstract.asp?eid=5014715&seleid=5014715 is the magic link.

Thanks to Allan for taking and sharing the pictures.