Want to show off the Microsoft CRM Connector?

Well now you can. There is only one small wrinkle. J (Isn’t there always.) The differencing disk is available for download now from PartnerSource. (And if you are like me, searching PartnerSource poses some challenges, so click here for the direct link.)


As part of the Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 Extensions release, three differentiation files are available via download for the 9.0 GP VPC image (labeled the Technical Demonstration Toolkit). 


· Extensions differentiation file - Includes Microsoft Dynamics GP Service Pack 1, as well as the newly released Audit Trails and Electronic Signatures.

· Technical differentiation file - Includes the new Developer Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics GP components, Visual Studio Tools and Web Services, and examples.

· CRM differentiation file - Includes product and demo capabilities for the Microsoft CRM Connector for Microsoft Dynamics GP. 


So you have to make sure you have the Dynamics GP VPC, not the CRM one. Michael Rich and John Dooley made these new diff files possible. Thanks guys!!!