Watch this space... New VPC is almost here...

More details will be published a little later today, but we "shipped" the Microsoft CRM 3.0 Demo VPC yesterday. This one has a BUNCH of really cool things configured on it and some AWESOME demo data. (Still Adventure Works Cycle, but much better data.)

There was a great team working on this and I think all of you will LOVE the new image. Some of the stuff that has been on Michael Rich, Arash Ghanaie-Sichanie, John Straumann, Bill Patterson and many more people. Jan Jamrich did a killer job keeping us all focused on actually shipping the thing. J

Some of the things it will have include: (Many more details will come along later about these.)

1. Dashboards – LOTS of Dashboards

2. CRM Form Customizations

3. Lead Registration form

4. Customer Self Service Portal

5. Word Bi Directional Proposal

6. Data Drill Down Viewer

7. The list is as long as your arm… I promise..

So keep your eyes peeled to this site: It should have a date of May 17th or 18th, 2006, not the December 2005 date… J

There will be a partner live meeting on the new VPC on June 8th. You can register here.


Special thanks also to our partners who beta tested this and provided feedback. If you have feedback for it, you can leave it at: and the VPC team will review the feedback. (Not for support, feedback only... :-) )