What if IF isn't cutting it? How about a switch?

So I have been playing with the IF statement for quite some time now and from time to time it fails me. Generally it fails me when I am trying to do three or more conditions. I attempted to do some nested IF statements and Jon from our developer support group steered me to the straight and narrow. :-) So don't make fun of me for my mediocre coding skills. :-)

So instead of doing an IF, how does this look for cleaner code? You can then take on as many different scenarios as you want.

var prefix = "";
switch (crmForm.all.customertypecode.SelectedText)
     case "Manufacturer":
     case "Investor":

     case "Press":


Here is a link to the MSDN page that has a ton more details on the switch command. Enjoy!

switch Statement (JScript 5.6)