Where are you staying for Convergence?

A bunch of from the East Region have ditched the hotels this year. :-) There is a new condo development about a 1/2 mile away from the convention center. My family stayed there for TechEd last May. I highly recommend it. We got a 3 bedroom 3 bath for about 200 a night, which was cheaper than the close in hotels. (And it is a townhouse. http://www.vistacayholidays.com/townhouse/index.htm)


Most of the condos are privately owned, so you can find them on a number of sites. We found ours at: http://www.vistacayholidays.com/ 


Drop me a line if this is where you book.... I know Ron, Craig and Chris are all booked here as are several partners..... Would love to have a block party.... :)