Worldwide Partner Conference - Will You be there?

If so, please look up the rest of the CRM Team. I know that a bunch of the CRM team will be there including Product Marketing, Development and the Field Team. In July we have WPC, MGX and TR5. The last two are internal meetings, but they last every bit as long as WPC. (About a week.)

So I would be gone for three weeks. Which is normally not that big of issue. Except for this. I am WAY overweight. Like I am not in the extreme obese category according to the CDC. (like a BMI of ~40, which is not good.)

One of the benefits Microsoft offer's it's employees is a "Weight" Management benefit, which is pretty cool. It offers a doctor, fitness instructor, nutrimental guidance, and much more. So after my annual physical this yeah, I got serious. We are kicking off this program and I do not want to be gone for three weeks while the program is just getting kicked off.... So two weeks HAD to go.

Since TechReady5 (or TR5) is going to be chuck full of CRM goodness, the decision was easy. :-) I am ditching WPC and MGX to stay home and get this program kicked off and ingrained into my system.

So I started at the svelte weight of 318 lbs. In the next year, I am hoping to drop around 100 lbs, which will bring me back to a somewhat ideal weight of 220 lbs.

In case your interested and have nothing else to do, you can visit FitDay for my progress journal. I will also be posting progress notes on my personal blog.