Custom Disclaimer

A lot of businesses want to add disclaimers to external communications. Using MSPL on the Edge servers we can create something to simply add this disclaimer to an IM Conversation.

Since MSPL hasn't really changed from LCS to OCS, we can use the sample provided for LCS to implement a custom disclaimer for OCS.  You can download the sample from:

You'll have to make some project modifcations because it doesn't compile out of the box. These are easy like missing references etc..

If you want to first run the console application, for debugging and/or learning purposes, you'll notice that the application manifest, ".am",  is missing. Just copy the the from the service proejct, open it in notepad and change the AppUri to

Finally when you are ready to install the service portion of the solution, you'll have to change the ServicesDependsOn property on serviceInstaller1 in ProjectInstaller.cs as it is currently set to "LCSProxy.exe". Just set this to be blank.

After these minor changes, simply continue following the instructions included with the sample.