Status Update

I've been MIA for a couple months mainly for Office Communications Server 2007 R2 to RTM, but I've also been busy at work.

I promise I will get the the UCMA 2.0 Workflow post I promised, but those of you wanting to get a taste of UCMA now, check out Joe Calev's blog, he currently has a full seris on UCMA 2.0 Core right now.

Right now I am in Redmond for 3 weeks for the first rotation of Microsoft Certified Master program for Office Communications Server 2007 R2. All I can say it that it will be very very long days, including doing training on the weekend. As much as I am looking forward to it, I am also dreading it. 3 weeks away from home, actually 4 weeks as I will also be attending TechReady, our internal conference, and probably 11-12 hours in a classroom...  This class probably is not for the faint of heart.

If are not sure what it is MCM is, you can read more here:

The long time away from home will actually give me some time to finally blog.