UCMA WF Application Host

As promised I've released some code that shows you how to create a reusable application host that will run your UCMA 2.0 Workflow Applications.

You can find the code, binaries and an initial "How To":

The home page of the project site gives a basic walk through. One item I sort of mentioned on the site was the ability to interface with the service via MSMQ. Instead of specifying a Inbound or Outbound workflow, you can just provide the name of a private queue. This will watch that queue and send an alert via a default Outbound WF or the provided Outbound WF.

To use this simply write this string to MSMQ, sipuri={0}&message={1}&type={2}, providing the details of who you want to send the message to, the actual message and type. The type can be 1, Audio, or 2, IM.