Links from presentations during the week of 3/9/2008

In order to cut down on the number of Emails that will circulate as follow-up traffic from presentations this week, I am posting all links here.  This page might be updated as the week goes on, if so I will annotate links accordingly to distinguish newer information.  This page is not syndicated and will not appear on the first page of my site.
System Center -
Windows Server 2008 -
Infrastructure Optimization -
Education (new site) -
System Center ‘Learning’ Page (Podcasts, Virtual Labs, etc.) -

Team Blogs
Virtualization -
Server Core -

Virtualization TechCenter -
Volume Activation -
Deployment (download MDT here) -

One of the best community forums on System Center Technologies -
Online community for PowerShell and excellent training provider -
Online community for application repackaging and silent installations -

Microsoft Management Summit 2008 Home Page -

Individual Blogs
Kevin -
Mark Russinovich post - File Copy changes from XP - Vista - Vista SP1 -

Office 2007 Security Certificates for SMS -