Install the OS and enable roles

Run Time: 9:59

In this session we walk through the installation of Windows Server 2008 R2 and how to enable the Hyper-V sole on your test server.

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The Hyper-V MMC

Run Time: 16:25

In this episode we walk through the Hyper-V Manager MMC console and explore the settings configuration dialogue including some focus on storage.

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Virtual Network Manager

Run Time: 16:23

This session is focused on advanced networking configuration. What exactly happens when you create a new virtual network? What does the “allow management of…” checkbox actually do? How do you configure VM’s to associate with VLANs? All these questions are addressed in this short video!

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How to add/remove storage, hot!

Run Time: 4:05

Hyper-V R2 has support for adding and removing storage while the virtual machine is running. So how do you do it? Very short video walk-through including real time visibility of the disk appearing and disappearing from a Win7 virtual machine.

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Configuring Linux VMs

Run Time: 17:28

I can borrow from Shai Ofek for this one, as he has already published a thorough walk-through including mouse integration.

Microsoft and Wyse - Better Together in Education

Run Time: 57:06

This is a video archive of a joint webcast I delivered with a really great manager at Wyse. We did our best to explain how Microsoft technology can be used to build infastructures to support thin client envrionments in Education. 3 scenarios are presented and each is broken down by cost per student.

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