Vista Performance Report

Interesting report from a new Microsoft blogger.  I actually caught up with the article over on Bink.  What's really interesting is that enabling the Aero interface did not show much overall impact on performance.  I would have to agree with this.  A couple of times if I had a runaway app slowing down my machine I have disabled Aero thinking to myself - if the rumors are true, going to Vista Basic or Windows Classic may help.  I'm yet to show an increase in performance by disabling the Aero interface.

I've also read several people claiming they see little to no benefit from Readyboost.  I recently moved from a 256 MB USB thumb drive to a 2 GB drive and dedicate 1 GB to Readyboost.  I definitely can tell when the key is plugged in.  That makes sense in my mind since my page file would be much larger than 256 MB.

Link to Windows Performance Blog : The results are in