Topics for future posts

Here are some topics which I intend to discuss in the future in one or more posts. When these topics have posts, I will link them to this page.

  • Selection and Visibility Pane
    • Part 1: Differences in design between shape Name and Visibility properties in OfficeArt that developers should note.
    • Part 2: How to use it, What it helps you do.
  • Under the hood with Table Styles - We'll delve into the XML and show you how to make your own Custom Table Style. There are lots of options here, and the built-in styles scratch the surface of the functionality.
  • Presenter View tips/tricks - Ric went over the Presenter View on the PowerPoint/OfficeArt Blog. I wanted to delve into a bunch of cool/small sub-features he didn't mention and how to use them.
  • Custom Animations - How to tell stories with shapes and the timeline. How to spruce up Diagrams and Charts with custom subtle animations that add character without distracting the audience from your message. Some advanced timeline techniques and some code to interact with the timeline. This will be a multi-part series, and there may be guest posters...
  • 3D - Text and Shapes in OfficeArt now have 3D properties. I will show you some cool things you can do with them.
  • Outline Pane - Differences between PowerPoint 2003 and 2007, and some of the hidden parts of this feature that few people know.
  • Features you might not know about - High Contrast, High DPI, Accessibility, Multiple Languages, Right-To-Left, and other features of Office/PowerPoint that are crucial to some people and invisible to everyone else.

These are some of the topics I have in mind to write about over the next few months. As Ric recently noted, we're awfully busy in the final stages of bug fixing and polishing Office 2007. This is your opportunity to give me suggestions, post a comment and tell me if there are any feature areas you want me and others to talk about.

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