Developer Training

Following on to my previous post, another observation that's been made out there is that our standard MOC courseware falls short of what many of you want/need. I'll respond in two ways:

First of all, the developer course is targeted at the introductory level. If it does a bad job of that, I'd be very interested in knowing why you feel that's true, and what we should do instead. Is the material incomplete? Do we stress some things more than we should and other things not nearly enough? We need feedback to fix it.

If you've taken the developer course and liked it, found it helpful and a good starting point, we'd love to hear that, too.

If you're concerned with a dearth of advanced training information, that's a valid point. The training partner community has been scrambling to address this (check out Barracuda.NET for one example of this -- but this is an example, not an endorsement, since there are many options for third-party training out there).

But I'm offering two options for helping to improve matters:

1. Definitely reply and tell me what the course should cover. MOC courseware is very expensive/time-consuming to create and/or revise, but we have to start sometime.

2. Perhaps we can create a community repository of training info that everyone could reuse, perhaps as a GotDotNet workspace. It would need to be very modular in nature to fit different audiences, and we'd need to be careful with some liability issues, but we could make it work, given sufficient interest. Content creation and review could be a cooperative effort between Microsoft and the community.