I Am Back In The Saddle and Ready to Pontificate

My blog isn’t so much a running news log as it is an opinion column and platform for communicating practical advice.  That having been said, I’ve been slacking off for too long.  Well, take heart, as I’ve built up a backlog of things to cover, so you can expect quite a few postings for the next several days.  And I promise to post more frequently or die trying.  In the meantime…

Kudos to Our Friends/Customers/Partners in the UK!!!

Nick Swan at Dot Net Solutions asked me to help get the word out about the first meeting of the SharePoint UK User Group.  Point thy browser at http://suguk.org/forums/thread/72.aspx and ready yourself for cameraderie and enlightenment.

The "SharePoint Team Blog" -- It's About @#$% Time!

If you haven’t seen the Sharepoint Team Blog yet, take a look.  That blog comes from the Grand Poobah of All Things Involving SharePoint Products and Technologies, Kurt Delbene (whose actual title is Corporate Vice President of the Office Server Group).

In fact, Kurt’s the only guy who can get away with referring to a single “SharePoint Team”, since all technologies based on SharePoint sites report up to him.  Make no mistake, there are multiple teams working on multiple offerings (most obviously, Windows SharePoint Services and all of the Office “12” servers using SharePoint technology).  But Kurt’s view is truly big-picture.  If you want to know why the teams have made the decisions they’ve made, he’s the guy — ask him.

And don’t forget the guest postings from other team members.  Jeff Teper, who’s responsible for portals, Web content management, and more, weighed in a few days ago as well.

The blog isn’t exclusively focused on development, either, so tell your infrastructure-focused friends.  Heck, tell your business value-focused friends, too — if you think they can handle it :-)