Okay, Okay, I'll Start Blogging Again...

I'm here in Auckland with Arpan Shah presenting at Tech Ed: New Zealand sessions and meeting every Kiwi customer and partner I can.  They've been working me pretty hard; I got off the plane at 5:10am this past Friday morning and started meetings with customers, partners, and local Microsoft people by 8:00am.  Then again, I did offer to do so... 

One word to surviving a 13-hour flight:  Ambien.  I got 8 hours of sleep in the plane thanks to the stuff, and I got it at the right time so I woke up just in time for that 5am landing. 

I've been getting plenty of good questions, observations, comments, etc, and it's been good.  Because of the smaller number of sessions both here and in Australia, we can't do the normal 3-or-4 sessions on WSS development and a specific set of MOSS developer topics -- but that's actually been useful.

It served as a forcing function to create a single presentation called "Everything We Can Possibly Cover about SharePoint Technology Development in One Hour".  It's a mile-wide, a foot deep, and it's goal is to (a) enumerate everywhere you can add code to WSS and MOSS, (b) steer people towards the massive amount of materials we've been creating/distributing to get you ramped up on v.next.  It's all about "what" as opposed to "how".  I refined it to the point where one really can cover it in an hour if one is careful, and it seemed to go over Pretty Darned Well here.

I'll turn it into a webcast shortly after returning to Redmond, but after TechEd Australia, my wife (who's meeting me in Sydney tomorrow) and I are heading out on walkabout for two weeks.  I'll try and post a deck somewhere as well, but the MSDN blog environment has some pretty strict limits on storage.

If you attended this past March's Office Developers Conference, I gave the original version of this talk there, but it's been refined and refactored a lot since then.  And thanks to Ryan Duguid of Microsoft New Zealand, we've worked out exactly how much in the way of demo content helps tell the story in an hour.

Any time I visit Another Land, I try to do my homework in advance.  It paid off in a big way here because I got to visit Napier, Art Deco Capital of the Southern Hemisphere, and got back in time to see the Bledisloe Cup