SharePoint Advisor Magazine Hits the Newsstand!!!

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am about the first issue of SharePoint Advisor magazine.  I just got an advance copy, and the regular copies are leaving Advisor Media’s warehouses tomorrow morning.  I’m biased — I’m on the editorial board — but it looks good.

The magazine is striking a balance between development, infrastructure, and usage.  And it’s about nothing but my two favorite Microsoft offerings, Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal Server.  Even the ads.

If you want to get it, check the above link.  If you want to write for it, check the above link or contact me directly.

And don’t forget that the same fine folks who publish this magazine are also convening what we’re hoping will be the first of many SharePoint Advisor Live conferences.  Not only will the content be good, virtually all of the usual suspects in “SharePoint”-land will be there.  Check out the event’s Web site — there’ll be content for everyone.

(I’ll get back to commenting on issues and strategy tomorrow, I promise…)