Update on the ASP.NET 2.0 warning

Several of you have reported having successfully installed the .NET 2.0 runtime on a machine running WSS/SPS. If you set the IIS Web Application for WSS/SPS to use ASP.NET 1.1, things appear to continue to work.  We’ve done some more checking and — at least at first — have found similar results.  So I’ll downgrade my earlier warning slightly:

Until WSS Service Pack 2 is released, don’t install .NET 2.0 on a production machine running WSS (or WSS/SPS).  The configuration may or may not behave correctly, and in any event it won’t be supportable.

It’s still a far better idea to wait for WSS SP2, but if you’re using a dev or test machine for multiple applications, some of which are ASP.NET 2.0–based, take your best shot.