The Virtualization Nation Podcast - Episode 2. Wait, what?

Some of you may remember that, a long while ago, I asked what sort of things you'd like to see in a Virtualization-themed podcast.  Though it's been over a year since that post, I've still been thinking about starting a podcast and talking with other people on my team about getting one together.  The reaction has been positive so far.  There are quite a few folks who seem interested in putting something together.

However, we haven't gotten down to planning any of the solid details quite yet, so a regular podcast is still aways off.  But there's really no reason why I have to wait for everyone else... and so, I give you the first episode of The Virtualization Nation Podcast.  Episode 2.

Wait, what?

Well, since I promised all of you some more WIM2VHD videos, and since I'm nearly gotten the whole process down (I wound up buying Sony's Vegas Movie Studio Platinum, or whatever it's called... and it crashes a lot.  Like, really a lot.), I deciced to start releasing them as video podcasts.  As such, we're just going to call the first WIM2VHD video I made 'Episode 1', and go from there.

So there you have it:  We're not ready to start doing this regularly yet, and the format is likely to change around a lot, and we don't have the whole XML feed thing set up quite yet... but the next episode is ready!

[Update - MSN Video has gone offline, and the videos are no longer available. I'm looking into other options. - mikekol]