WIM2VHD: 1000 downloads and counting!

Every now and then, I like to visit the WIM2VHD website and see how many people have downloaded it.  Aside from the ego boost, it’s a nice little figure to pass on to my management so they can see that this project was worth the time that I’ve spent on it.  But yeah, it’s mostly the ego boost :)

Last night, I decided to check the download count before I went to bed, and I saw something that made me very, very happy:  at around 10:30 PM PDT last night, there were about 1030 downloads.

That’s right – over 1000 downloads in about 45 days.  Now, when compared to other projects – like Hyper-V – 1000 downloads in a month and a half is not earth shattering.   But Hyper-V had marketing behind it.  People knew that Hyper-V was coming – it was demoed at conferences and by news outlets.  WIM2VHD was a surprise (and I hope it was a pleasant one).

It’s very humbling to know that something I’ve been working on is useful to you, and is (hopefully) helping you use Windows and virtualization more efficiently.

So, to all of the people out there who have downloaded and used WIM2VHD; to all of the people who have blogged about it; tweeted about it, or told co-workers about it; and to everyone who joined the “Fans of WIM2VHD” group on Facebook:

Thank you!

So, seeing how many people have downloaded WIM2VHD – How are you guys using it?  Are you just playing around with it, or has it actually helped you be more productive?  I’d love to know, so if you don’t mind sharing your stories and experiences please leave a comment letting me know.

Again, thank you all very, very much.